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Fuck this

no mames 

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"Oh, how punk"

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Yes i love stockings…

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You’re too good for me, you’re too good for anyone.”

Submarine (2011) dir. Richard Ayoade

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Being able to find someone you click with so naturally is the best feeling ever. You feel like you’ve been best friends you’re whole life, it feels like you’re coming home. You’re so comfortable with them. Maybe that’s what a soulmate is. Not someone who shares every single thing in common with you, but someone who feels like home.

505-anadicaprio thats what u feel like to me <3 

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anonymously message me 3 things you want to know about me

my followers NEVER talk to me ….

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Gustav Klimt - The Death of Romeo and Juliet. Performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London. (1884-87)

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I Had a Flashback of Something that Never Existed  from “Ode à l’oubli” 2002

Louise Bourgeois

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